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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vanquish -- Victoria

Well my day is done and am about to hit the hay but first --

The Great Window Replacement Adventure occurred today -- After two plus hours of work, despite snapping part of the moulding, having to cut the acrylic twice because the first one broke in half when tried to place in the groove and cutting myself, I have my window back. The first three pics are of the cardboard and duck tape workaround as well as showing you the original door lock (skeleton key. I decided to share my war wounds and of course the finished project. It's far from perfect but no wind will get in and it was cheap. When I hit the lottery then will have a carpenter come in and redo it all LOL

the pain of DIY *LOL*

Ahhhh a veiwable portal again.

I did try hard to scrap but was distracted today so only have my latest ATC captured. I've got to finish my title work for the 1-in-48 class but have my Journey class pages done.

I am so hoping this week isn't as crazy as last weeks.

Bien mi dia esta apunto de culmiar pero antes queria escribir una notitas...

La Aventura del Remmplazamiento de Cristales ocurrio hoy -- Despues de mas de 2 horas de trabajo y a pesar de partir el marco, tener que cortar dos veces la ventanilla porque el primero se rompio al intentar colocarla en el marco, mas cortanodme la mano, ya tengo vista atravez de la apertura de nuevo. Las tres primeras fotos sone de agujero con su carto y fixo, y una vista de la cerradura antigua que tiene. Ademas decidi compartir mis heridas y porsupuesto el resultado final. No es bonito pero si funciona, no entra el viento y purdo ver. Cuando me toca la loteria contratare un carpintero para hacerlo en condiciones.

No pude hacer mucho scrap hoy, estaba muy destraida al decir la verdad. Solo tengo foto del ATC que termine. Tengo que completar el Titulo de mi 1-in-48 sin embargo mis paginas para la clase que tomo en Willow Traders estan hechas. Manana scare fotos

Espero que esta semana que entra sea menos agitada que la anterior

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Unbelieveable TAKE 2 -- La "U" otra vez.

According to my tracker I have had a visitor from SPAIN -- BIENVENIDO a mi comentarios de vida espero que vuelvas!!

So I figured that when got back here would have some new work -- well yeah I got new work but not all of is scrap related --- LONG POST *rolling eyes*

Let's see my day began with my oldest DS putting his arm through the glass of the front door because he thought is was supposed to have been unlocked by now. Needless to say I blew a gasket as I watched him do it as I am heading to unlock it. Thankfully he suffered no personal damage but my day got off on the WRONG foot. I covered it up with cardboard and secured it with our friend Don's fav scrapping tool -- DUCK TAPE!!! LOL it's looks REAL nice (Not)

So after food shopping I headed off to Home Depot. I had to buy the biggest sheet of acrylic so can cut the window shape out. The door in question is OLD and original to the house (I had a skeleton key lock just so you can have an idea) -- It is either I fix it myself or pay to get a new door installed (did you hear my budget give up the ghost?) so tomorrow it's pry off the window moulding, remove this remaining pieces and put in this stuff yada yada yada. It will be the first time I ever try this so wish me luck. I'll take snaps later I was too angry earlier to do that.

I did finish some ATC's though for a small monthly swap I do on another board. The theme was spooky halloweenish. What do you think?

Ah yes do any of you wonder of omens and such? While not superstitious I do believe there are time when things occur that presage events. Pigeons are representative of messages to be received, and in many instances family members have had them on our porch steps right before learning of family news both good and bad. We are hoping that this particular one doesn't because when I came back from one of the multiple outings I took today, sitting there on my front steps was a very pretty pigeon. As I approached it simply hopped up the stairs right to my front door, it didn't' frighten or attack. It didn't appear injured so I gently herded it back off the porch but it still refused to leave and went into the sadly overgrown flower bed next to my house. It stayed there all afternoon so I snapped some pictures. It had finally disappeared after dinner. And the message is?????

So Last but not Least I tried to be true to the title of this blog TAPITAS in referring to ACTUAL Spanish Cuisine as well as scrappable life tidbits -- and I made PISTO for supper (or dinner). It is a medley of vegetables in which you coddle an egg. It tastes great and is very filling, my egg didn't hold it's shape very well so I snapped a bowl w/o it. YUM



Segun mi programa de tracking de visitantes tuve al menos uno de Espana -- BIENVENIDO a mi comentarios de vida espero que vuelvas!!

Crei al regresar tendria algun trabajo nuevo a presentar, Pues asi es pero no todo tiene qeu ver con el scrapping.

Veamos, mi dia comenzo con la rotura de la ventana del puerto principal de la casa hecho por my hijo mayor. Se le puso su brazo atravez del cristal porque segun el se debe empujar con fuerza a una puerta cerrada. Como lo vi hacerlo mientras me acercaba para abrirsela , se puede decir que esto me hizo destallar! Menos mal no se sufrio ningun dano personal pero esto destruyo mis planes para hoy. Coji carton y cubri el agujero, sujetandolo con el sello fijador favorito de mi amigo Don -- DUCK TAPE!!! JE JE Esta bien bonito, maldita sea!

Fui a Home Depot y compre el trozo mas grande de acrylico para reparar esto manana. No pondre cristal de nuevo para evitar una repeticion. La puerta es antigua (su llave original es de un tipo llamado esqueleto aca en USA) asi que o lo arreglo yo o pago a que reemplazan el puerto. (Habeis escuchado a mi cartera acaba de morirse no?) Manana sera la prueba porque nunca hecho algo semejante puese deseadme suerte. yada yada yada. no saque fotos antes porque tenia el mosqueo encima pero manana lo hare.

Consegui acabar unos ATC's con un tematico de Halloween para un intercambio en que participo. Que te parece?

A proposito creis en los presagios? No so supersticiosa pero si creo que hay veces en que vienen y nos intentan alertar. Sabiais que las palomas representan simbolicamente a mensajes y si aparecen en situacione no normales presagian eventos. En mi familia podemos recontra multiples veces occrencias como estos y cada vez venia un mensaje tanot buenos y malos. Asi que espero que esto no sea un ode estos porque al regresar de unos de mis mandados habia una paloma durmiendo delante de la puerta. No se le apreciaba ningun dano. Al acercarme no se asusto ni se espanto, al reves simplemente subia los escalones hasta encontrarse delante de la puerta actual. conseguir que salia del porche pero no se levantaba el vuelo sino se metion cerca de la casa debajo de unas de mis plantas. Dado que se quedaba alli quieta toda la tarde saque fotos (arriba) Despues de la cena no la encontraba alli , y el mensaje a venir que sera???

Y por fin hoy intento anadir algo relacionado al titlo de este blog, TAPITA,en esta caso refiriendose a la comida espanola y no solo a las tapitas de vida que presento. Prepare PISTO para la cena. Esta hecho de muchas verduras, y en casa de mi suegra Andaluza, normalmente tenia un hjuevo cuajado. Mi huevo no se cuajo de manera bonita asi que la foto es un plato sin uno. Resulto super rico..Que te aproveches!!!

Unbelieveable -- La "U"

So sorry I broke a promise in that didn't get back here to translate my last post -- Work sucked the life right out of me this week So last night I worked on my 1-in-48 sketch. I'm giving an early AM post so you can see both #8 and #9 ..

I had been playing with 8 because already had these photos scrapped. I like the overall effect even though the journaling is hard to see (copper metalic pen on brown) -- I may tweak this one yet but we'll see. It was done on time just never posted :(

Number 9 uses photos I took over 25 yrs ago that I simply found beautiful despite the subject matter of knicknacks. I really like how this one turned out, think I captured what I feel when look at the shots. Hope you like them too -- The flower I made using a tutorial by one of the BAD GIRLS DT Members. It came out cool.

I have errands to run and scrapping to do so best get on the stick--- I hope to post again later on with snaps of anything further I make...


Pues comienzo con que no cumpli con mi promesa de volver a traducir mi nota del otro dia--ha sido la semana de horror, de veras me comio via.Asi que anoche me puse a crear mi pagina para el diseno #9 de la clases 1-in-48, Hoy pongo no solo este sino tambien el anterior.

Para el #8 utilize fotos que ya tengo puestas en paginas pero quize jugar con color un poco. Me gusta el resultado aunque las notas son dificiles de ller debido a que esta escrito con boli de color marron metalico sobre marron. Puede que lo corrige mas adelante pero no corre prisa.

La fotos del #9 las saque hace 25 anos y siempre me gustaron a pesar de no tener un sujeto demasiado interesante -- cosillas de decoration. Sin embargo me gusta la pagina porque creo haber capturado el sentimiento que siempre tengo al verlas. Espero que os agradece tambien. Pro cierto, la flor la crei utilizando instrucciones de un miembro del Equipo de Diseno de BAD GIRLS. Es super guay, no?

Bien tengo que hacer mandado ahora y luego espero hacer scrap asi que me piro antes de que me cogen los toros! Pienso volver mas tarde si puedo.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Taking more baby steps, Tomando pasitos de bebe

I am happy that a number of viewers have been wondering where my lates posts are ...So where do I start??? I *thought* that was actually starting my engine when in reality I put myself in neutral LOL -- I wish the statement "my cup runneth over" was true in regards to this but it was more like I've got too much on my plate --- can you say 'indigestion'?

Ok I do have stuff to post -- first and foremost a little info I submitted for a DT..... what was that? did I hear some thudding out there? this is the third foray into that arena, there aren't that many applicants, bout 2.5 as many as spots available so we'll see. Each person had to submit a Fav LO, a New LO, an altered item and a card and here they are.

this is the FAV LO -- I posted it about a month ago but it still is my FAV

this is my NEW LO -- my youngest son after recieving end of year awards

This is my CARD

and this is my altered item -- a knick knack jar two view form side and top

Ah yes other stuff
the current weeks ATC challenge -- create a Rorschach card

and the last LOs for the 1-in 48 that got snapped --- I'll get the others tomorrow with better lightening as just haven't had time

I will add this in spanish part tomorrow
Prometo a mis lectores en espanol tener todo traducido manana --

Sunday, September 23, 2007


SSSSSSttttttaaaarrrrrttttt your engines! ok with a few days off I'm feeling a bit more like posting so will be giving and update soon as I diligently trudge forward to pub-dom --
just thought I'd let those who are popping in know I haven't fallen off the edge of the world ...yet! LOL
hope your weekend's were restful and that batteries were recharged.


Sssssssseeeeeeeee aranca el motor! pues con unos dias de descano me encuentro con ganas de nuevo de escribir. Estare actualizando el estado de mi busqueda de la fama asi que para aquellos que lean esto, ten fe, aun no me he desaparecida! je je
Espero que el fin de semana recargo las baterias de cada uno!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Respite -- Respiro

Ok I'm in forum and scrap overload. I don't dont' know how others manage to be active on multiple boards, but if you're trying to get pubbed this is apparently part of the process. If you're interested in entering challenges not only do you have to register you have to post minimums to even be considered. I realize they are looking for matches but just how thin can you spread yourself and still be YOU? I have what I consider my home board, Memory Makers, but have put my toes in a number of other boards lately to see if can catch the eye. It's going ok I guess but in truth I feel low cuz I'm the sortof person to be loyal but tyring to post diligently on such a varietyof boards is time consuming as well as tiring. It's just like house work -- if you catch up on the laundry the kitchen suffers, if you do the yardwork your bedrooms look like something died....hmmmm this scrapbooking was supposed to get me AWAY from that LOL

In any case think I might just do some lurking for awhile in places, slow down the posting and work on my blog. I'm thinking of changing the format -- as I look at others find that all these dots may not be what I want. We'll see

In any case here is a smattering of what I have created since last posted items. The online crop at Scrapperie, SusieQ's class at WT and Hillary's class are keeping me movien right along.


Bien estoy sobrecargada de scrapbooking y foros. No se como la gente puede con tantos foros de discussion de scrap, pero si intentas conseguir que te publiquen esto es parte del proceso para que te conozcan. Si tienes interes en presentarte a un concurso debes no solo registrar sino escribir un minimo de veces para que puedas participar! Entiendo que buscan a gente que encajen bien pero como se puede hacer tanto y aun conservarte a ti mismo? Mi foro casa es Memory Makers sin embargo para adelantarmen estoy tambien registgrada en varios otros par aque me vean. Esto no va mal, creo, pero al decir la verdad presentarme a solo estos me esta cansando. soy del tipo de persona que no le gusta hacerlo por hacerlo sino llegar a realmente conocer a la gente y esto me mata. Es un poco como hacer las tareas de casa -- si te dedicas al lavado entonces la cocina es un desastre, y si hace tabajo en el jardin las camas sufren.....hmmmm crei que este hobby era para LIBERARME de esto LOL.

Pues es posible que hago lurking por un tiempo para tomar un descanos, y quizas, me pongo a modificar me blog. Cuantos mas veo me hace pensar que este diseno de puntos no es exactamente lo mio. Ya veremos.

De todas manera pongo aqui unopoco mas do lo que he creado ultimamente. El crop de Scrapperie, y las clases de SusieQ en Willow Traders y la de 1 in 48 me sigen motivando.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


quiet, quite, quintessential, quick, quirky...ok that ends my q letter repetoire LOL
I redid my 1-in-48 -- was just to hard on the eyes. I think it'e lost a bit of the chaotic nature it had but it is brighter. the tiny journaling (visible in person just fine) finishes out the title "On 3, ready? set..Boiz! and of course that rhymes with NOISE!!"
I got my first cards for my Snapshot ATC swap. Don (The Ducktape Master) made some exquisite ones. I'm not going to post them yet so as not to ruin the surprise but he DID add his signature preferred adhesive to them LOL.
I've been keeping in prayer a number of people that I speak with on various Forums. It seems that 2007 is being rough to everyone. I sincerely hope that as we end the year many health, family, work and financial issues are lifted from the shoulders of my scrapping buddies. Each of us feels so overwhelmed at times that it does us good to reach out and care for others so we dont' become mired in ourown little pool of sludge...personally I'm willing to sling a little your way if you'd like to wallow with me, but I'm perfectly happy to get a bit muddy in yours too LOL AMEN and AMEN
YOU are all the best!

quickly quitting quoting quirky ;)


quiero, quinta, quitar ah .... no hay tantas palabras ultizando q en espanol asi Que dejo de intentarlo. Si ves arraiba he vuelto a hacer mi pagina para la clase de 1 in 48. Al hacerla de nuevo le dado mas luz a las fotos y facilidad en leer el titlo. Las palabras peques son un juego de palabras que van con el titlo

Recibi las primeras tarjetas ATC par el intercambio. Don (el maestro del Ducktape)creo dos disenos estupendos, incluso utilizando el ducktape como parte del diseno.
He estado rogando para varias personas que conozco atravez del internet y los foros de scrap. Les deseo de todo corazon que al finalizar este ano muchos de estos problemas de saud, familia, trabajo y dinero se resuelvan. Cada uno de nosostros, aveces, se siente sobrecargado de responsibilidades que nos viene bien pensar en otros de cuando en cuando. De seta manera nuestro pequeno monton de mierda no parece tan malo. Personalmente estaria dispuesta a triaros un poco para compartir pero no tengo problemas tampco a ir a sentarme contigo en lo tuyo si esto ayuda a levantarte el animo LOL AMEN y AMEN -- sois estupendos!

ala hasta la proxima!

Monday, September 17, 2007

P = Pushing On, P = Paso por Paso

Have I mentioned lately that I am TIRED of my job? I have well then I guess I'll push on to more interesting items :)

I'm making up for lost time last night.Been working on the Scrapperie's Fall Flourish Crop Challenges and my 4th 1 in 48 sketch. I've done 5 more challenges plus my class. I did the class sketch using large print pp. I like what resulted as I think it conveys the subject but it IS very busy. -- well this is how you learn and perfect the art of scrapping. The challenges cover cards, tags, altered items and LO's.

I need to work on my ATC's but will wait till this weekend. I also need to go and look at the pub call site -- there are a few DT calls but the whole idea of that kind of commitment still stresses me out, so will just satisfy myself with reading them for now.

OK well here are all my recent items... guess I'll keep pressing forward in search of my "signature" style, all comments welcome if you know what mine is currently called ;)

the 1 in 48 sketch

all my scrapperie challenges


He mencionado que mi trabajo es muy pesado? Ah si, pues do paso adelante a cosillas mas interesantes :)

Recupere el ritmo perdido ayer. Llevo trabajando los retos del Scrapperie's Fall Flourish Crop y a la cuarta planillad de la clases 1 in 48 . He terminado 5 retos mas mi classe. hice mi pagain para 1 in 48 con el papel de dibujo grande como queria. En general me gusta el resultado aunque el patron si que tiene MUCHO movimiento -- ah pues es la manera del apredizaje del arte de Scrap si pretendes ser bueno. Los retos incluyen de todo un poco

necisto poner mano a mis ATC's pero esperare a este fin de semana. Tmabien debo echar un vistazo a la ultimas llamadas para paginas etc. Hay unos pocos de llamada para disenadores de paginas pero aun la idea de este tipo de responsibilidad me da mucho estres asi que me limitare a leerlos por ahora.

Bien arriba estan todos mis ultomos obras... Creo que seguire dando pasos adeleanted en busqueda de "Mi Estilo", todo comentario esta bienvenido sobre todo si sabes com se llama mi estilo ;)
Buenas Noches.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

OH! OH! OH! -- Oi! Oi! Oi!

OH! is the right word for today.
Oh how much laundry I have!
Oh how NASTY my bathroom was!
Oh, how little scrapping I've done!
Oh, I'm happy I managed to Submit two cards and two LO's for call, wish me luck ;)
Oh, I've got to cook AGAIN???
Oh MAN the more I try to move forward this weekend the behinder I get

Oh oh oh oh...................................................................................

Oh and yeah here is the little I have been able to accomplish with regards to 1-in-48 and the Scrapperie Fall Flourish Crop

hopefully will find the finish line soon OH!


Oi es la palabra (mas bien onomonopea) del dia!

Oi caunto lavado tengo!
Oi, que desastre de cuarto de bano!
Oi, que poco scrap he hecho!
Oh,estoy contenta por haber presentado 4 trabajos a revistas para su llamada por paginas/tarjetas, deseame suerte ;)
Oi, Otra vez tengo que GUISAR???
Oi cada vez qeu intento adelantar este fin de semana doy mas pasos atras!

Oi,oi, oi, oi, ...........................

Oi pues algo he hecho y arriba estan lo poco que tengo hecho con respecto a mi clase de 1-in-48 y el Scrapperie Fall Floursh Crop. Espero encontrar la meta pronto Oi!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

week Number oNe iN, la primera eNtrada hecha

so today we look at the letter N--

It means I've managed to keep at this now for 14 posts in a row with very few days missed in between. Numbers are so cool and can represent so many things; objects, concepts, lives, dreams and symbols. While I'm not "into" numerology I do know that the number 7 means Completion -- so 2 x 7 equals 14 which, in my book, means I've hit completion twice: the first time by getting this blog up and running and the second that have been keeping up

Despite this week's effort's to ruin my scrap time I have managed to keep up. I submitted my first week's entry for the BAD Girls Top Designer Contest. Honestly I will be surprised if I make it to week two -- the even only runs for 6 weeks and at last count the entries totaled 155 with the deadline ending at 8pm PST. In order for them to get to the top 3 they will be slicing and dicing pretty hard in the next weeks and the talent is strong there. No matter I'm giving it a whirl and it's good practice for my goal.

It's OK for us to post the entries so here is mine

I now have to work on my 1-in-48 LO for tomorrow. Also Scrapperie's Fall Flourish is up and running. Oh my goodness all those challenges to try out! looks like won't be bored at all.

I am dog sitting my friend's dog while they are in Brazil. Kilimajaro (Kili for short) is cute but skittish. She's not used to more than two people home at any given time so a house of 5 is overwhelming for her. We're all adjusting as this has been a pet free home for years so no one's used to having to remember that she's here. We've got her for 10 days... I imagine we'll survive :)


Hoy tenemos la letra N--

Quiere decit que he conseguido a escribir algo aca durante 14 dias seguidos (mas o menos sin contar aqullos dias perdidos) Los numeros son tan guay y pueden representar tantas cosas; objectos, conceptos, vidas, suenos and simbolos. Aunque no sigo esto de la numerologia si se que el numero '7' representa "La Completacion"-- asi que el 2 por 7 iguala a 14, que para mi, queire decir que he alcanzado esta meta dos veces: La primera el comenzar y lanzar este blog y la segunda el mantenerlo actualizado.

a pesar de que esta semana trato de comerme el tiempo consegui acabar mi pagina para el concuso de Disenadora de Bad Girls. Honestamente no creo que pasare a las pruebas siguientes. El concurso dura 6 semanas y a la ultima cuenta habia mas de 150 presentaciones. La hora final para entregarlas son la 20 hora tiempo local de Los Angeles. Para que acaban con tres finalistas tendran qeu recortar fuerte a los concursantes para conseguirlo en tan poco tiempo y mas hay mucho talento. No importa, al menos estoy intentandolo y es buana practica para mi meta personal.
Como podemos mostrar nuestras paginas arriba esta la mia.

Ahora me queda trabajar la tarea de la clase 1-in-48. Y el crop en Scrapperie comenzo tambien. Vaya tareas que tienen! Muy variadas y entretenidas, no se aburrira nadie seguro.

Estoy cuidando el la perra de mi amigo mientras esta en Brazil.
Kilimanjaro (Kili) es graciosa pero muy temerosa. No esa acostumbrada a tanta gente en la casa. Nosotros tenemos que hacer el esfuerzo a recordarnos que esta aqui porque se esconde mucha veces. La tenemos or unos 10 dias, imagino que todos sobreviviremos hasta que este de vuelta sus duenos :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moving Along , una Mas

Well this will be a short and sweet post -- It's middle (thank goodness) of a crazy week, I am so looking forward to Friday.
Posting my latest WT LO --- really like this one. It is simple and lean but I think it's striking.

My boys LOVE to play paintball and enjoy being able to go with their friend Mike to the course when they can. Mike's Dad took some pregame photos and here they are. I got a ton of things to do tonite so wanted to keep my ALPHABET themed posting moving along

tomorrow is 'N' hmmmm never say never LOL
Pues esta escritura sera cortita -- llegamos a la mitad de la semana. Menos mal, porque ha sido, hasta ahora, muy loca. Tengo ganas a que llegue el viernes!
Arriba va mi ultimas paginas --- me gusta mucho, es simple pero atrae la vista.
Mis hijos encantan jugar con las pistolas de pintura. Mas les gusta accompanar a su amigo Mike cuando va al campo de tiro y juegos. El padre de Mike saco estas fotos antes de que jugara una batalla y aqui las pongo. Tengo un monton de cosas a completar esta noche pero queria mantener el ritmo de mi tematico del ALFABETO. Manana le toca la 'N' hmmm nunca diga nunca jamas LOL

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Liking it Less and Less -- de ma"L" en peor

As promised I am posting twice today -- but let me tell you this day is sliding downhill FAST LOL

Ok here is my first 1-in -48 LO --

I appologize for the poor quality shot... It's just that kinda day.the original snaps all the only ones I had of DS1 getting some Junior ROTC awards that day and they were terrible then.oh well a simple LO for memories sake :) not trying to win any prizes with this one for sure.

CS-Stamping UP
Inks -- SU
PP -- K & Co and Misc
Die Cuts and ribbon -- scraps/misc
Scrabble brand Letters
Letter Stickers - Creative Memories

I am hoping to finish another one later but also have DS1 Open House tonight so that may not happen either.... UGH!


Como prometi, la segunda entrada de hoy --pero dejame decir que este dia va de mal en peor muy rapido

Ok aqui va el primer trabajo de la clase 1-in-48 -- Pido perdon por el estado de la imagen. Las fotos orignales no eran muy buenas de todas formas pero como eran las unicas que tenia de mi hijo mayor recibiendo estos honores del JROTC, que se puede hacer? Serviran para recordar estos momentos no ganar premios LOL -- vea arriba.

Espero terminar otras esta noche pero como hay presntacion en el cole de mi hijo mayor no creo que alcanzara este fin --- UGH!

Losing a Day -- Lo perdi

So today is Tuesday (yup early morning too) somehow I misplaced y-day. It started off fine and then rapidly gathered speed and left me behind. I think it was right around lunch when it happened. My mom had me play bad guy to my brother (looong story here) who is having serious financial issues combined with bullheaded stupidity. I felt dirty after that for a while. Then I had to hit 4 stores in an hour looking for, of all things, a coverall. No one had them, you'd have thought the things were extinct. Once back on the phones, work sort of took over. I admit I am EXTREMELY tired of troubleshooting networks. I may like the job/concept but am tired of flaky network admins -- I also admit that trying to keep all the facts of the gear straight in my head is getting tedious..

I wonder if there is a Good Morning Cheese to accompany this Vintage AM Whine I'm currently sampling?

ah well as said by the time I realized it, it was 7pm. I'd made dinner, gone out twice more for errand and picking up oldes DS1 who had an away game. Then helped younger DS2 start to alter his Nature Journal for school (luckily he has a crafty mom ;) ) and finally I sat down to work on a LO for Hillary's 1-in -48 class. when realized it was 9:30 (big clue was that eyes were closing on own) I hit the hay.
I already have complaint mails in my work inbox , it's rainy gray again and I haven't had my coffee yet...looks to be a long day ahead
I'll make a second post with the LO later

Asi que hoy es Martes ( y temprano ademas). De alguna forma se me perdio el dia de ayer. Comenzo bien pero gano velocidad y me dejo tirada mas tarde. Creo que
todo cambio cerca del almuerzo. Para aydar a mi madre, tome el papel de malo con mi hermano que ulitmamente esta haciendo una bola con su vida de manera emocional y financialmente. Despues me senti sucia por un rato. Luego tuve que ira 3 tienad adn busca de un uniforme de mechanico. No pude encontrar uno, se pensaria que no existe! Y de vuelta los telefonos, el trabajo advanzo. Confieso un cansancio EXTREMO para esto de arreglar a la redes de informatica. Me gusta el trabajo pero la gente a cargo de la redes me matan, ademas empieza aburrirme la necesidad de tener tanto detalles en la mente.

Me pregunto si quejandome tan temprano levanatar a mis animos para enfrentar el dia?

Pues como decia, antes de nada eran las 7 de la tarde. Ya habia hecho la cena, y salid dos veces en coche para mandados y recoger al mayor que teniea una partidad de football. Vuelta de nuevo me puse a ayudar al hijo seguno alterar una libreta para su clase de Cienacias Naturales. (menos mal tiene una madre lista con las tijeras ;))
Por fin me sente a trabajar en mi pagina para la clases de 1-in-48. Me di cuenta del sueno que tenia cuando mi ojos comenzaron a cerrarse solo. fuie a la cama a las 9:30.

Ya tengo algunos emails que reuieren seguimiento, el dia amanece gis y llovioso de nuevo, y aun no he tomado mi cafe.... creo que se me presenta un otro dia escpecial

Prometo escribir luego para poner mi pagina al menos...

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Keeping Pace -- simplemente "oK"

Well it has cooled off and been raining all day here. So that meant I was in slow motion all day -- in fact I never even got out of my PJ's hehehe
Y-day was at the Drs. for oldest DS who has a sinus infection. He's been working a sinus concern for weeks and it came to a head (no pun intended) y-day. This set up the tempo for the day I guess.

I worked on my Organization challenge and started to go vertical infront of my scarp table. Put up a couple of nick nack shelves that had purchase awhile ago at garage sales but not hung. I put my paints, embossing powders and other small items tha use frequently up there. It really freed up the table space. The corner that previously had a bureau now has some plastic storage (also not being used but stored on the porch). I've moved all the stamps, chipboard and misc to there. I still have to deal with a better paper storage but as don't have much I'm not pushing it yet. At least the floor under the table it clear. I am stymied in the closet area as need to purchase some storage but can't right now -- so that's on hold

I did work on the ATC's I'd mentioned y-day -- they need the scary part but look very Octoberish. I also finished up a couple of items that hope to RAK on my blog in the near future. I want to make a few more so can do this right. I found the PERFECT outer album cover for the Christmas ABC swap cards I still had floating around w/o a home. Looking forward to decorating that soon.

Tried to come up with ideas for the LO's I've got to get done as well as some cards but drew a big round ZERO there. *sigh* probably was trying to hard, tomorrow is another day :)

It's almost bedtime here so gonna wrap this up.. have a nice night all

Lleva todo el dia de hoy lloviendo ya que se bajo considerablemente anoche. Yo ni siquiera me vesti sino me quede en pijama todo el dia jejeje.
Ayer tuve que lleva a mi hijo mayor al medico debido a un sinusitis. Lleva mas de 2 semanas no sitiendose de todo bien. Ya se dio la cara y no se sintio bien. Creo que debido a esto el paso lento del dia se puso en efecto.

Me puse a atacar el reto de Organizacion. Colge unas estanterias de tipo niknack que tenia guardado desde su compra de los garajes. Las puse en la pared directamente enfrente de la mesa donde creo mis paginas. Coloque mis pinturas, tintas y otras cosillas pequenas en ellas. REalmente libero mucho espacio en la mesa. En el rincon, donde antes estaba la cajonera, puse unos contenedores de plastico. Alli he puesto mis estampas mas otras cosa un poco mas grandes. Me falta poner el papel de modo mas arreglado pero llegara. Al menos veo ahora el piso debajo de mi mesa. Aun me queda ordenar la guardaropas en serio pero me falta comprar estanterias etc. -- hasta que no cobro se quedara pendiente.

Pues si puse mano a los ATCs que mencione ayer. No estan de todo terminado en que le falta la parte de miedot peor si tienen aire de Octubre. Ademas tengo hecho unas spopresas que quiero ofrecer dentro de poco como regalos gratuitos para visitar mi blog. Espero crear unos mas para tenre una variedad. En mi limpieza encontre el album PERFECTO para contener las hojas del swap de los ABC's de Navidad. Tengo ganas de decorarlo pronto.

Intente sacar ideas para las paginas que tengo de crear esta semana pero no quede a CERO...segureo que era por intentar forzarlo, manana sera un dia nuevo :)

Pues es casi hora de acostarme asi que hasta manana!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

"J" for Just Enough,,,,,, La "Jota" es Suficiente

Well today was HOT, well above 90 degrees. Such unusual weather for NH in Sept.
Not very happy moneywise this pay period, all the little incidentals for school have blown the budget. Not only that but an adding error in my check book made me PANIC -- I am very anal about paying the important stuff FIRST so know exactly how much wiggle room ahve till next payday but because of my goof I "thought" I had a $100 more that I did. ACK -- I've only overdrawn once in my life that can recall so this is a real issue for me (can you tell I grew up in a household that was ALWAYS financially challenged LOL). Luckily I wasn't and was able to breath, but I still don't know if will have to place one of the boys up for sale. The way they eat lately I'll not even get enough to cover the shipping costs when place th sold sticker on LOL

No matter, I decided to work of some of my swap items to get them done before have to hunker down and do some LO's. I had finished all my Christmas cards for a swap on MM. Will send them off once get the addy and on payday next Friday -- not going to place a pic so they are a surprise incase anyone reads this that is in the swap

I finished all my personal challenge ATC's that have been doing for my friend Sarah's (sassy mermaid) prompts.

Tomorrow I want to work on a 4 or 5 card series ATC swap for another forum. I'e got to make em scary -- hmmmm my funky hair photo should do the trick ;) If actually get them done will work on a few cards and think of my Bad Girls entry (due Thursday). And really good news, the Prima contest due date got pushed back to Oct 31st Yippeee!!!

Hoy hizo CALOR, pues alcanzo los 90 grados, muy inusual para NH en Sept.
Ademas no estoy contenta por temas financieras, todas las cosillas necesarias para el cole han estropeado mis ajustes y presupuestos. Y encima un error de matematica (mi culpa)en me registro de cheques me causo PANICO.Soy fanatcia de tener las cuentas corectas y pagar lo mas importante antes de nada para no encontrarme con problemas. Yo tenia la impresion de tener $100 dolares mas cuando en realidad no era asi. AAHHH -- solo he sobrepasado (que yo sepa) mi balance una vez asi que esto es un crisis para me (puedes intuir que de nina mi familia no era de los mas estables finacialmente hablando Je je?) Por suerte al rectificar el error vi que no habia pasado mi balance y pude respirar de nuevo. NO obstante creo qeu tendre que vener unos de los ninos -- lo malo es que no sacare por gastos porque comen como limas ultimamente.

De todas formas decide terminar unos swaps antes de poder aplicarme a crear unas pagainas de scrapbooking. Complete mis tarjetas de Navidad para el foro MM. Una vez tenga la direccion de envio las enviare. No pondre un a foto para no ruinar la inticipacion por si alguien del grupo lea esto. Seguramente iran al correo el vierne porximo cuanod cobro. Y estoy al dia con los ATC's del reto personal que propone Sarah (sassy mermaid.) vea arriba.

Manana quiero trabajar un pequeno swap de 4/5 trajetas de ATC para otro foro. Tienen un temactio de horror --- mmmm quizas utilizo mi foto del pelo loco! Si consigo mi meta creo que creare una tarejtas and empieza a planear my pagina para el concurso en Bad Girls (entrega el jueves). Y una noticia super buena, el concurso de Prima fue extendida hasta el 31 de Octubre, Yippiii!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

The "I" equals "My Imagination!" -- La "I" es Mi Imaginacion!

Today was a day of finishing up some imaginative projects for challenges and classes. Two different boards asked for the same challenge based on the Effer Dares (their site is having toruble so not linking to it this time). Basically it was to create a LO using all NON scrapping material. So I did and I like it, I like it A LOT!

Journaling reads: "I drift inside of myself to find the calm of my soul."

Items used:

  • manila envelope
  • brocade cloth
  • old vintage lace runner
  • cord from a gift bag
  • part of matchbook cover
  • staples
  • shade pull
  • two upholstery flower pins
  • hat pin
  • calendar photo
  • journaling done w/white pen by Elmer's glue mfg.

and the other LO was for my WT class I really had fun with these two --- I have my work cut our for me as have to finish some ATC's AND work on a contest entry for BAD Girls as well as my new Journey class sketch and get geared up for Hillary's class on Monday... hopefully the mojo will continue to flow.


Hoy fue un dia para completar unos tabajos lleno de imaginacion para un reto y una clase. Dos foros diferentes publico un reto con losmismos parametros, tomado de una idea original de las Effer Dares (deafortunadamente su website esta pasando unos problemas asi wu no pongo el link esta vez). Basicamente se tenia que crear una pagina utilizando solo productos NO creado por scrapbooking -- Asi que hice una, me gusta el resultado, me gusta MUCHO! (vea primer photo -- lo escrito dice -- "me miro hacia adentro hasta que encuentro el centro de mis alma y su calma." La lista de productios, inlcuye tela, alfileres, cuerda, grapas, papel de sobre etc.

La otro era para mis clase (vea el segundo). Disfrute creando esta paginas de veras. Ahora tengo que enfocarme porque aun queda por termniar uns ATC's mas disenar mis paginas para el concurso de BAD Girls y la clases de WT. Y pensar el la nueva clase de Hillary comenzando el lunes.-- que siga fluyendo mi fuente de imaginacion.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello???? Hola???

I don't think anyone besides myself reads this, probably for the best right now, as is sort of hodge podge - I need to get a stream of conscious thought patter happening or figure out what type of TAPAS will tease readers tastebuds here as well as figure out how to make the double posts (spanish/english) not drone on... well this will be short and sweet so can get back on track ---


No creo que nadie lea este blog que no sea yo, cosa qeu no es de todo malo ahora ya que esta aun un poco desorganizado. Necesito encontrar el punto de sabor de mis tapitas para que apetezcan a los lectores aparte de descubrir un metodo para escribir tanto en ingles como espanol sin matarnos de aburrimiento....pues hoy sera corto para coger el ritmo diario de nuevo.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"G" is 4 "Good Grief", la "G" en Ganas no me falto

OK so I had a BAD Hair day during my hiatus from blogging. Yup that IS my hair standing on end LOL. It got tamed shortly after but my DS had fun snapping the pix. It seems that everything conspired to cripple my creative output. School, holiday, MAJOR Fridge overhaul (I found mummified waffles and a spring roll that instead of "springing" hit the floor like a block of lead --no joke it actually went "thunk"), and a semi-scrapblock. Think I may have over committed to scrapping this month and that's why am cringing in the corner and not being very productive.. I'll link everyone up to the sites I'm going to work on for classes and challenges in a bit. I have a lot on planned for this coming month. I hope to also submit a few of these projects to upcoming calls that I found. We'll see how it goes.

But first gonna let you see the challenge that I finished for the Memory Maker Forum Call Me Rapunzel-My Wings Are Made Of challenge. I hope you like this 6x12 LO. I used alcohol inks on the clear violin ornament and crumpled the paper that holds the journaling. The title is actually a part of it too. Am pretty happy with the results overall. Hopefully will get back on a roll with creating. I have another LO that isn't finished because keep waffling over the design. I need to be more of a Kamikaze in this I think LOL. I know I'd probably finish more pages that way but then again I do want to enjoy the whole creative process and not freak out every time I pick up my personal cutter or a photo...

Well no matter I have been very busy the last few days. I decided to to Hillary Heidelberg's Organizational Challenge so this is what the areas I'm dealing with actually start out as

I have my scrapping area in my bedroom -- many reasons involved the primary being space and having a big bedroom -- unfortunately I've outgrown just the table area so I need to rearrange the two closets in my room to accommodate stash and stuff

I pulled everything out of the corner and on the floor and put it on my bed so could put some temp storage in and start organizing:

And this is the closet in question once I moved the bureau into it that was in the corner (which I couldn't get to 'cuz the scrappy stuff blocked it) I still have to make better use of this space but I'm moving in the right direction and yes the bed is uncovered now.

So now to speak of Scrappy Projects:

  1. I have entered the BAD GIRLS Top Designer Contest. It starts this Friday, competition is going to be tough, so may not make it very far but if nothing else it's motivation!
  2. Next Monday the new NYCScraps Sept. 1-in-48 class starts up: a new sketch every 48 hours. Some may come in handy of the Bad Girls never know.
  3. I am also still doing the Journey class at Willow Traders and then Scrapperie is having a Week Long Crop from 9/12 through 9/19.
  4. Also have the Weekly personal ATC challenges that Sarah (sassy mermaid) is providing prompts for.
  5. And to make things just that more exciting will be hosting an ATC swap on Memory Makers.

I will be pushing myself hard this month to create create create!

I've a couple of mag calls that hope to present some of these works to, if fit. You never know I might get lucky

Wish me strength!

I'll add spanish tomorrow sorta tired now :)