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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"G" is 4 "Good Grief", la "G" en Ganas no me falto

OK so I had a BAD Hair day during my hiatus from blogging. Yup that IS my hair standing on end LOL. It got tamed shortly after but my DS had fun snapping the pix. It seems that everything conspired to cripple my creative output. School, holiday, MAJOR Fridge overhaul (I found mummified waffles and a spring roll that instead of "springing" hit the floor like a block of lead --no joke it actually went "thunk"), and a semi-scrapblock. Think I may have over committed to scrapping this month and that's why am cringing in the corner and not being very productive.. I'll link everyone up to the sites I'm going to work on for classes and challenges in a bit. I have a lot on planned for this coming month. I hope to also submit a few of these projects to upcoming calls that I found. We'll see how it goes.

But first gonna let you see the challenge that I finished for the Memory Maker Forum Call Me Rapunzel-My Wings Are Made Of challenge. I hope you like this 6x12 LO. I used alcohol inks on the clear violin ornament and crumpled the paper that holds the journaling. The title is actually a part of it too. Am pretty happy with the results overall. Hopefully will get back on a roll with creating. I have another LO that isn't finished because keep waffling over the design. I need to be more of a Kamikaze in this I think LOL. I know I'd probably finish more pages that way but then again I do want to enjoy the whole creative process and not freak out every time I pick up my personal cutter or a photo...

Well no matter I have been very busy the last few days. I decided to to Hillary Heidelberg's Organizational Challenge so this is what the areas I'm dealing with actually start out as

I have my scrapping area in my bedroom -- many reasons involved the primary being space and having a big bedroom -- unfortunately I've outgrown just the table area so I need to rearrange the two closets in my room to accommodate stash and stuff

I pulled everything out of the corner and on the floor and put it on my bed so could put some temp storage in and start organizing:

And this is the closet in question once I moved the bureau into it that was in the corner (which I couldn't get to 'cuz the scrappy stuff blocked it) I still have to make better use of this space but I'm moving in the right direction and yes the bed is uncovered now.

So now to speak of Scrappy Projects:

  1. I have entered the BAD GIRLS Top Designer Contest. It starts this Friday, competition is going to be tough, so may not make it very far but if nothing else it's motivation!
  2. Next Monday the new NYCScraps Sept. 1-in-48 class starts up: a new sketch every 48 hours. Some may come in handy of the Bad Girls never know.
  3. I am also still doing the Journey class at Willow Traders and then Scrapperie is having a Week Long Crop from 9/12 through 9/19.
  4. Also have the Weekly personal ATC challenges that Sarah (sassy mermaid) is providing prompts for.
  5. And to make things just that more exciting will be hosting an ATC swap on Memory Makers.

I will be pushing myself hard this month to create create create!

I've a couple of mag calls that hope to present some of these works to, if fit. You never know I might get lucky

Wish me strength!

I'll add spanish tomorrow sorta tired now :)

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