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A place where Scrapping is savored as you would a wonderful meal and, while you're here, we enjoy each other's company --I am a working single mom who tries to juggle everything in the air with the hopes that when misses one she's not underneath to get whacked. Oh and I'm binlingual too :) Un lugar donde se desgusta el arte de Scrap como un bueno plato y de camino pasamos un rato entre amigos -- Soy una madre soltera que pretende no ser atropellada y aplastada cuando una de las multiples responsibilidades y tareas que mantego al aire se me escapa y caye a la tierra. Oh y soy binlingue tambien :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

I am Winning, just not in cards//Ganando si, pero no con las tarjetas

I figured I try my hand at submitting for publication. I used to try alot w/o success a few years back and thought would be nice to do it again. I keep forgetting that all my supplies are OLD OLD OLD hahahaha. No matter I tried again. I sent in two cards for under the category that asked for use of natural elements like burlap, canvas, cork etc. I actually thought they were very good but not good enough. so now I get to publish them on my blog for you all to enjoy.

It won't stop me from entering, I think I'm just not feeling the current groove thing yet. Practice makes perfect so back to the craft table for me :)

Pense que mandaria algunas tarjetas a una llamad de busqueda de tarjetas por publicacion. Hace anos lo hacia sin exito pero decidi animarme de nuevo. Lo que olvido siempre es que mis productos son Viejos, Viejos Viejos jejejejeje. No obstante al ataque . Crei dos para la catagoria que utilizaba elementos rusticos y naturales como tela de campo o vaquera, corcho, etc. Honestamente creo que son buenas pero no les capturaron a los jueces esta vez, asi que os la pongo aca para que desgusten a mis tapitas nuevas.

Esto no me parara de crearlas o entrarlas en concurso, solo que aun no he cogido el pulso corriente de esto aun. La practica hace perfeccion asi que vuelta a mesa de manualidades :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Pay It Forward (finally hehe)//Acto de Amistad (por fin jeje)

Last year I posted a Pay It Forward comment, having seen it on other's posts. I had 5 women sayd they wanted something Handmade from me which should have been a no brainer...well it ended up being a No Can Do but any of us unfortunately. Sooo when saw it posted again on another feed I signed up and resurrected my 5 ladies. I did get fantastic handmade wool heart and earrings from my post. And here is my first PIF being sent out -- I hope to make each gift different but I think she'll like it -- what do you think of this set of gift cards? I think they are cute :)

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I had 5 people comment on my blog and I I was able to confirm that 4 of them 'Liked' my FB fan page for a total of nine entries --I assigned numbers like this Sandi 1,2Penny 3, 4Amy 5, 6Mea5798 7Elisabeth 8, 9
Random.org pulled #6
CONGRATS AMY -- I will send you your Wizard in the mail either Monday or Tuesday :)

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