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Thursday, September 13, 2007

week Number oNe iN, la primera eNtrada hecha

so today we look at the letter N--

It means I've managed to keep at this now for 14 posts in a row with very few days missed in between. Numbers are so cool and can represent so many things; objects, concepts, lives, dreams and symbols. While I'm not "into" numerology I do know that the number 7 means Completion -- so 2 x 7 equals 14 which, in my book, means I've hit completion twice: the first time by getting this blog up and running and the second that have been keeping up

Despite this week's effort's to ruin my scrap time I have managed to keep up. I submitted my first week's entry for the BAD Girls Top Designer Contest. Honestly I will be surprised if I make it to week two -- the even only runs for 6 weeks and at last count the entries totaled 155 with the deadline ending at 8pm PST. In order for them to get to the top 3 they will be slicing and dicing pretty hard in the next weeks and the talent is strong there. No matter I'm giving it a whirl and it's good practice for my goal.

It's OK for us to post the entries so here is mine

I now have to work on my 1-in-48 LO for tomorrow. Also Scrapperie's Fall Flourish is up and running. Oh my goodness all those challenges to try out! looks like won't be bored at all.

I am dog sitting my friend's dog while they are in Brazil. Kilimajaro (Kili for short) is cute but skittish. She's not used to more than two people home at any given time so a house of 5 is overwhelming for her. We're all adjusting as this has been a pet free home for years so no one's used to having to remember that she's here. We've got her for 10 days... I imagine we'll survive :)


Hoy tenemos la letra N--

Quiere decit que he conseguido a escribir algo aca durante 14 dias seguidos (mas o menos sin contar aqullos dias perdidos) Los numeros son tan guay y pueden representar tantas cosas; objectos, conceptos, vidas, suenos and simbolos. Aunque no sigo esto de la numerologia si se que el numero '7' representa "La Completacion"-- asi que el 2 por 7 iguala a 14, que para mi, queire decir que he alcanzado esta meta dos veces: La primera el comenzar y lanzar este blog y la segunda el mantenerlo actualizado.

a pesar de que esta semana trato de comerme el tiempo consegui acabar mi pagina para el concuso de Disenadora de Bad Girls. Honestamente no creo que pasare a las pruebas siguientes. El concurso dura 6 semanas y a la ultima cuenta habia mas de 150 presentaciones. La hora final para entregarlas son la 20 hora tiempo local de Los Angeles. Para que acaban con tres finalistas tendran qeu recortar fuerte a los concursantes para conseguirlo en tan poco tiempo y mas hay mucho talento. No importa, al menos estoy intentandolo y es buana practica para mi meta personal.
Como podemos mostrar nuestras paginas arriba esta la mia.

Ahora me queda trabajar la tarea de la clase 1-in-48. Y el crop en Scrapperie comenzo tambien. Vaya tareas que tienen! Muy variadas y entretenidas, no se aburrira nadie seguro.

Estoy cuidando el la perra de mi amigo mientras esta en Brazil.
Kilimanjaro (Kili) es graciosa pero muy temerosa. No esa acostumbrada a tanta gente en la casa. Nosotros tenemos que hacer el esfuerzo a recordarnos que esta aqui porque se esconde mucha veces. La tenemos or unos 10 dias, imagino que todos sobreviviremos hasta que este de vuelta sus duenos :)

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~Sassy~Mermaid~ said...

You are rocking this blog!!! I love your idea of the letters and thoughts on numbers. I'm just covering Creation Myths from around the world in my class and we're talking about the importance of numbers. Must be in the air!

LOVE your layout!!! Very unique!!!!