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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Leftovers are good for you -- Los restos si son buenos

I am currently working on new stuff but it's not ready to serve yet -- Still cooking as they say and when this occurs like all good cooks you direct everyone to the perfectly good leftovers to tide them over

If you remember I said had hosted an ATC swap on Memory Makers Mag's Forum. Our group of 9 created some wonderful snapshots. The second half was a 'twist' as could do anything they wanted I can now post those wonderful works of art for your viewing pleasure.
Forewarned -- two of the snaps are a bit blurry and I apologize but as don't have these cards I cannot retake-- Hope you enjoy them
I'm off to once again lace up the sneakers LOL



Pues estoy guisando -- ah creando pero aun no esta listo a presentar. Como se dice "esta concinando todavia" y cuando cosas asi occuren, todos los concineros del mundo te diregen a "los restos" que son perfectamente buenos y satisfacen mientras.

Si recordais, habia comentado que organize un intercambio de tarjetas tipo ATC en el foro de Memory Makers Magazine. Nuestro grupo de 9 creamos unos trocitos de arte bien bonitos con dos temas " sacar una foto" y " a tu manera". Ahora puedo poner los aca para vuestra desgustacion.
Una nota -- dos de las fotos no estan muy claras y os pido desculpas, pero como no tengo estas tarjetas en mi poder no podre sacarlas deneuvo. Que aprovecheis!
Otra vez a ponerme los botines jeje

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Colleen said...

Wow! These are amazing and can't wait to see what you've got in store...