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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Z is Number 26, La Zeta es el numero 26

Well I don't know if since I've started this blog if I've posted at least 26 LO's but I HAVE done a min of 26 fairly consecutive posts --- I need a new line of inspiration to post on (and no numbering isn't and option LOL)

I will RAK some thing for the best new inspiration post series --- Eek Now gotta come up with the RAK LOL

think I'll post it around tomorrow too --

so here is my latest LO for the 1-in-48 which I will brazenly call the 26th LO

I'm sorta tired so gonna call it a night too!

Pues no se si desde comenze este Blog si en realidad he publicado al menos 26 paginas pero si he hecho 26 anotaciones casi consecutativas -- Y ahora que ser mi motivacion (y utilizando solo numeros no es una opcion jeje)

Ya se -- regalare un premio a la mejor sugerencia-- lo annunciare manana en los foros tambien.

Bien he aqui mi ultima pagina para la clase de 1-in 48 que llamare la vigesimasexta por la cara!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Liz, I just got the blocks back - WOW!!! They turned out great! I LOVE YOURS!!! And the shoe? So you! It rocked!

How about blog entries with shoes - i.e. slides, sneakers, pumps, flipflops - you could start out each entry with that word - Sneaking in a five minute break....
LOL!!! This was hard trying to think of something that was NOT alpahbetical or numerical!