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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

High Pressure -- Una alta presion.

I admit to dragging a bit today,sinus pressure has my head in a vice grip today so am not really on my game. I am dreaming of quiet work day too, but taking into consideration that had a frantic call from a colleague right at 8 am which lasted for nearly 40 minutes, I think we're simply building steam for a high caliber day.
So to keep us all up and fortified here is today's holiday tapita -- may they brighten your day


Hoy estoy congestionada -- tengo algo de sinusitis y la presion me mata! Sueno con un dia de trabajo leve pero teniendo en cuenta que un colega me llamo con un problema de red a las 8 en punto y tardamos mas de 40 minutos, dudo que asi sera. Mejor dicho el dia parecer estar accelerando la presion. Asi que para darnos un dosis de bonito he aqui la tapita festiva de hoy... espero que os gusten.

H is for holly with berries so red, to make wreaths to hang overhead.
I is for ice on snow covered hills, where sledding is fun along with the spills.

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