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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lots of News --- Muchas noticias

Well I'm coming up for air for a bit -- and running late so my Spanish translation will be done when I return, just wanted to get this posted (lo espanol lo pondre un poco mas tarde que voy corto de tiempo)
As I last posted I took Friday off to make a 3 day weekend. Well so far it's been quite productive. There were a number of itme on the agenda and so far so good.

We started the Friday off with a Driver's Test. The previous time we went nerves kicked in and froze the brain so he missed one to many on the written part - which translated to no road test. This past Friday we went later and he was more relaxed. AAAAAND he passed the written and the road test. He was pretty nonchalant about it once got back (typical 17 yr boy behaviour) but I was very proud of him. Now to figure out how to pay for insurance! The rest of the day was spent running errands so could have the evening and Sat for scrapping.

That evening I joined the online crop over at Scrapbook Takeout. I always have a fun time there. Didn't win the bingo this time but they had some good challenges to work on. Saturday found me basically alternating between scrapping, semi cleaning and cooking. I was quite productive all things considered too and have lots of tapitas coming up. Today it is snowing once again UGH!!! UGH!!! and UGH again!!! so you guessed it we were shovelling once more. I am planning on rejoining the spring session of our community choir. The first rehearsal is this afternoon so need to get hustling here. The music that was chosen is all Broadway --Les Mis, Lion King, Cats etc. it will be a very nice change of pace as have missed singing and this will be a great way to get back into the swing.

Ok now on to the tapita goodness -- I did ATC's, Cards AND LO's!!! so it's a variety for you all today. I hope you got a good appetite :)

First Up -- ATC's for the 2008 Scripture Challenge. I was a week behind so have two Kindness and Beauty

Second Course -- Two LO's for two different challenges. The first one is for my NYCScraps Everyday LO class and for the second I used SusieQ's sample Sketch to create one for the Scrapbook Takeout Crop

And finally -- some cards for the Scrapbook Takeout Crop


Susan Costanza (aka:SusieQScrapbook) said...

Great lo's!!

Veena said...

This is a fun and artistic mini album. I love the design most especially the flowers. I'm so excited to start one of these for myself.