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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dragged in like a wet cat no lioness here, como un gato mojado no una leona

Yup I admit it.. the weather this year is kicking my backside, and yes the Earth is flat and I fell off the edge! Of course it hasn't been nearly as bad as some places, like in upstate NY where they've topped over 140 inches , but the nearly 100 we've had is exhausting. Actually I've been hiding under the bedcovers hoping it will all be gone when come out. Guess it's not to be, 'cuz even as I type we are expected to get MORE freezing rain and snow tonight into tomorrow. Needless to say this has thrown a serious wrench into my creativity machine. I am currently trying to think of how to get the gears turning smoothly again. Thanks to all who've emailed/PM'd/posted looking for me... you found me LOL and nothing serious is going on other than I NEED NEED NEED some sun in serious quantities :)
So bear with me all as I haul my wet carcass over in front of the heater and begin a serious search for my roar....:)

Es definitivo, el tiempo este invierno me esta matando y debido a que la Tierra es plana me he caido del filo! Por supuesto no se puede decir que esta tan mal como los pobres en la parte norte del estado de NY donde ha caido ya mas de 140 pulgadas de nieve pero las casi 100 caida aca realmente me ha cansada. La verdad es que llevo escondiendome bajo el cubierto de mi cama con esperanzas de que se habria derretido todo al salir. Pues asi no sera dado que mientras tecleo ya comienza a caer agua que pronto dicen cambiara a nieve y hielo. No hay que decir que esto efectivamente ha parado la maquinaria creativa mia. Estoy pensadno en como arrancarla de nuevo. doy gracias a todas que me enviasteis mails/pm's etc. Me habeis encontrado y no hay nada mal que no se solucionaria con ver MUCHO MUCHO MUCHO sol en cantidad.
Asi que ten paciencia mientras me pongo a secar y voy en busca de mi animo escondido :) Espero, a corto plazo, ser una leona de nuevo


Sarah said...

Well, I am GLAD you are around and all is somewhat well!!! I was getting worried there!

I am also PRAYING that the snow we are currently getting (a blizzard - 3" in less than 2 hours with 7 expected) does NOT head your way!!!!!


Barbara said...

So glad to hear you are sorta OK!! Weather can get to you in a big way. I remember those days in Ohio. Along with the heater I would suggest a huge vat of hot chocolate...only somehow I see this more as a Big M sort of thing!!! LOL

Will be looking forward to you thawing out and with the thaw hoping you don't flood away! That water has to go somewhere.

Hang in there. Sunshine is just around a corner. We just have to turn the right corner!!!!

Barb H