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Monday, February 6, 2012

50 - 4 - 48 and liking it //50 x 48 y me gusta

So I've been 50 for two whole days now... and I must say has been lovely.
Yesterday was a low key kinda day, church in the morning, announcing the giveaway winner, community choir practice in the afternoon and then laughing at the Superbowl commercials in the evening. Not too bad.
I promised a a giveaway every week of this month and so now here is #2

I have a package of Basic Grey Undressed chipboard elements and a Stampin'Up Jumbo Wheels with two stamp wheels and two ink cartridges in Bravo Burgundy and Brilliant Blue. I was gifted the later but never used it. I figured they'd be perfect for someone with small children as are that easy to use.

So win all you need to do to be in entered is post here and share the post on your FB wall. If you don't have a FB page no problem you'll still be entered.
It's my Birthday month but you all get the gifts --- Happy B-day to me :)
Pues ahora llevo los 50 desde hace 48 horas y puedo decir que me gusta. Mi cumple ayer fue tranquilo; ir a la iglesia, anunciar a la ganadora de la rifa #1, ir a ensayar con mi coro y lugo reirme de los annuncios del Superbowl.
Y como prometi una nueva oportunidad de ganar un regalillo aqui va
Un paquete de elementos de carton para decorar de Basic Grey y unjuego de estampas y tintas de Stampin'Up del model JumboRoller con dos disenos y dos cartuchos de tinta de color Tinto y Azul. Pensaba que seria idoneo para alguien con ninods porque es super sencilla a manejar.
Pues para participar ponme una nota aca y luego compartir este annuncio en tu Facebook, si no tienes facebook no importa entraras en el sorteo igual...Es el mes de mi nacimiento pero vosotras recibiras los regalos -- cumpleanos feliz a mi!!!


Anonymous said...

My kids would Love this. They love doing crafts but sometimes the little peices slip between their fingers right on the floor. It's so nice to hear you are liking your 50th so far. You are so blessed and very giving.
Amy Jones

Penny said...

Love Basic Grey. I'll share this on my FB wall: facebook.com/icouldbefake