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A place where Scrapping is savored as you would a wonderful meal and, while you're here, we enjoy each other's company --I am a working single mom who tries to juggle everything in the air with the hopes that when misses one she's not underneath to get whacked. Oh and I'm binlingual too :) Un lugar donde se desgusta el arte de Scrap como un bueno plato y de camino pasamos un rato entre amigos -- Soy una madre soltera que pretende no ser atropellada y aplastada cuando una de las multiples responsibilidades y tareas que mantego al aire se me escapa y caye a la tierra. Oh y soy binlingue tambien :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week #3 Winner is...// Y la ganadora de #3 es....

Winner -- I had 5 post on the actual entry and 2 post on the re-post for a grand total of 7
Each was given a number in order of your post and number so the winner is #3

Rebecca Morefield-Wagner. Great giveaway and Happy Birthday Month to you!

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 7
Result: 3
Please Message me your addy --this will probably go out on Tuesday, Wed. latest

Thank you so much for sharing in my Birthday Month and hope you'll enjoy all the gifts :)

Week #4 Birthday giveaway may actually get posted later if not Monday for sure.

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