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A place where Scrapping is savored as you would a wonderful meal and, while you're here, we enjoy each other's company --I am a working single mom who tries to juggle everything in the air with the hopes that when misses one she's not underneath to get whacked. Oh and I'm binlingual too :) Un lugar donde se desgusta el arte de Scrap como un bueno plato y de camino pasamos un rato entre amigos -- Soy una madre soltera que pretende no ser atropellada y aplastada cuando una de las multiples responsibilidades y tareas que mantego al aire se me escapa y caye a la tierra. Oh y soy binlingue tambien :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Liz's Black Hole Stargate address- *&%$##* :)

I am still around..slowly but surely trying to climb out this routine ladden black hole I have been sucked into for the last 15 months -- Grandmother ended back up at home with us (long story), is still with us and still declining -- Mother has been fighting unkown virus on an off since summer and hospitalized at least once for that fun and games although doing well as of late. Oldest son off to college in Canada but fighting serious homesickness which is impacting him (and me!)
Youngest making moon eyes at me to learn to drive (yeah w/all my freetime I have LOL) and nephew doing ok.
Scrapping bug has begun nibbling at my toes again, so letting those good feelings work their way up
haven't forgotten about anyone am just focused still in other areas
happy scrapping thoughts to all!

Friday, April 10, 2009

my basket overfloweth LOL!!!!

Where do I start??
Right after my birthday post a week later, on that infamous day known as Friday the 13th, we entered an eight week whirlwind known as "Grammy fell down and broke a bone which accelerated her dementia". I have been straight out: emergency room, an operation, an emergency psychiatric evaluation, a geropsychiatric internment and, count em, THREE different nursing home stays to get her finally settled.
It was her third fall in as many weeks and this one ended with a crushed and fractured right wrist and arm. It was very bad: surgery, pins and stabilizing bar for 6 wk, now a cast for 3. This week the cast comes off but she'll need a brace because looks like the wrist bones died (they were black on the last X-ray) so no one is still really sure what the final end result well be--- the whole event basically threw out the window the tenuous last holds she had on really understanding her limitations and safety boundaries. We were exhausted and my mother tore her rotator cuff (remember HER surgeries) and is back in rehab as well -- My Easter basket overfloweth LOL LOL
As of yesterday she was finally transferred and admitted to the care facility I wanted which is 15 minutes from my home. She is looking good and bit more coherent and we got her settled in. We're giving it a few days for her to acclimate to this site, as change is very hard on dementia patients, before visiting again. Amazingly she recognized us this time although that's not always the case now.

So my friends I am seeing the light at the end of THIS tunnel. Next up Graduation, college prep, some house fix-its and then just maybe I can scrap a bit ***pretty please*** I am truly tempted to attend an upcoming Nat'l Scrap Day event in a few weeks -- think I deserve it :)

In any case to all of you I send my prayers and blessings for a wonderful Easter -- Resurrection Sunday celebration.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

47 and counting today (happy b-day to me)

hey out there...thanks for the wishes and thoughts
not a day goes by that I don't think of you all -- I can say that have been making inroads in organization so hopefully soon will be back in the scrap groove but I got over extended just before the holidays (big surprise there) and had to cut back again on commitments
Home has been demanding and this was really necessary. We went w/o power during Dec ice storm for few days, it was very trying for all especially my 91 yr grandmother. She's losing ground daily and fighting it every step of the way which is stressful on everyone. Kids are doing well but we're ramping up with my oldest's SR. year end decisions and events -- My mom has been well thankfully.
Today was a study in craziness -- car needed fixing (cha-ching), furnace crapped out (bigger cha-ching), work was nuts (no cha-ching) and so it goes
well if I could just get excited about visiting my fav scrap site I suppose woudl be cool but dont' feel have enough energy to divide my self around liek that right now
Just know I AM thinking of you all often.....