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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Boy am I out of date // Estoy super atrasada

So participating in the recent Sweet Stamp Shop sponsored OJS Hop (see previous post) left me with such a high. Not only was it a great cause but I had over 80 visits (unheard of for me) and it was such a moral booster to realize I still could whip up a tapita! So what, you ask, happened that I haven't posted since???

This is what is happening..

Yeah, I am not only behind on scrapping/creating but I'm now tackling jobs that should have been done many times over. Painting rooms, which I love, is rather hard when you have to move furniture and then move it back, all while never knowing if a network troubleshooting call will interrupt you mid-stroke. LOL. I will post my progress but you gotta know I still have a bathroom, 2 bedrooms and closet to tackle (and that NOT counting rooms downstairs) so will have paint covered body parts for awhile yet. :)

No matter, I got all excited about The Craft Meow's sketch challenge , so I merrily interpreted it and created a really yummy tapita in my opinion. But when went to upload I re-read the info and had completely missed that had to use their stamps. All my crafting supplies are literally from 3/4 years ago, much of it still in original packaging. Was totally bummed but never fear that's what Blogs are for. And as I was inspired to create with the only new stamps I do have from the Sweet Stamp Shop (their new releases are so cute) So I created two items. which makes today a 2fer to make up for the lag.
Let me what you think and I, on the other hand, need to figure out how to update supplies w/o breaking the bank..

click on images to see larger view


Pues mi reciente participacion en el OJS Blog Hop, patrocinado por el Sweet Stamp Shop, me dejo totalmente animada y alegre. No solo fue un evento por una causa fenomenal sino tambien resulto en80 y tantos visitantes a mi blog, cosa no visto ni siquiera cuando estaba mucho mas activa aca. Me dio una subida de moral porque me mostro que, a pesar de no haber creado nada por anos, todavia guardaba la magia y podria crear mis tapitas! Asi que la pregunta es, que paso que no publique nada mas desde entonces???

Pues pintura es la razon. No solo llevo tiempo sin dedicarme a la creatividad sino tambien todos estos quehacers importantes se quedaron de lado tambien. Como se peude imaginar la pintura tarda mucho cuando no se puede vaciar a la habitacion que trabjas. Hay que ir a trozos y tambien estar pendiente de mi trabajo como tecnico de redes de informatica. Como trabajo de casa si suena el telefono tengo que parar a medio paso de la brocha JAJA. Y como me quedan 2 habitaciones, un bano mas y guardarropa a pintar tengo para rato. Ya os mantendre informados.

Bien, tengo un dos por uno hoy. Me entusiasme por un reto utilizando una maqueta de The Craft's Meow y disene una tarjeta y tambien utilize las unicas estampas nuevas que tengo del Sweet Stamp Shop para una segunda. La gracia vino cuando quise anadir a mi proyecto ya que me di cuenta de que no habia utilizado el producto de The Craft's Meow. Como voy hacer esto cuando TODO mi inventario es de hace 3/4 anos? y mocho de esto aun esta dentro de envolturas originales? AAAhhh pues por esto tenemos los Blogs y aqui van para ser desgustados por vosotros. Decidme lo que pensais y yo, por mi parte, tengo que buscar una manera de actualizar a mi inventario sin irme a la bancarota :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome/Bienvenido a Tapitas de Vida.

It's been a LONG time since actually prepared and presented a creative Tapita for my blog visitors, but this one celebrated my return to creative scrap/paper designing and I can't think of a better occasion to have done this for. I was honored to be able to join with so many amazing well known designers and participate in this hop. I am so glad that you joined us today for Operation Julie’s Smile. If you came here from Lindsey Wood's blog LSEY CREATIONS , then you are in the right spot. If not, you may want to start from the beginning at the Sweet Stamp Shop’s blog and take your time. You have ALL WEEKEND to hop with us and win prizes!
Before you scroll to my creation take a moment to read about Julie's story and why we are hopping. Then consider donating (see the DONATE BUTTON on the right) if you feel led to. After that, please enjoy my tapita and tell me how it well it satisfied your creative palette by leaving me a comment.

"The creative blogging community is coming together this weekend to help one of our friends, Julie Ranae. You may know her as the Design Team Coordinator for many wonderful companies from bakers twine, die cuts, rubber stamps and more. What many people don’t know about Julie Ranae is that she has had some pretty major dental surgeries in her lifetime due to medication she had to take as a child. It was in her plans to think about having all of her teeth replaced at some point in the next 5 years, a decision that was pretty easy to plan out. But then it happened…she chipped her front teeth on a weekend a month ago. The dentist told her there was no way to save them & that it was his recommendation that she give in and have them all her teeth removed soon, but for that day, they needed to get her front teeth done so her gums could begin to heal. He said he would 'work out payments with her to have ALL this work done...but when she called to make her appt for the first step of impressions, they told her the amount of money that was needed and that the 'payments' applied only to the two teeth that were extracted that day. Her husband Paul was with her & that too, was his understanding as well. So this is how she has found herself in this situation…Needing at least $4000 to get started and another $3000 to finish the process…a total of $7000.Nicole Rixon, owner of Sweet Stamp Shop put together this benefit after finding out about this situation and before Julie Ranae knew it, it took flight! Because she is an event organizer by trade, she has taken on the job of organizing all of the blogs in this hop as her way of ‘working overtime’ for what she needs, the same as if she were able to work overtime at an outside job to pay for the work to be done.

It is the goal of all of these generous friends & sponsors to help make this situation more do-able for our friend so that she can share a brand new smile with all of us soon.If there is anything you can do to help with a financial donation, there is a donation button ready for you to click. Any amount is appreciated and ALL DONATIONS will be eligible for prizes from our sponsor pool of over $2500"

And now on to my Tapita --- I used stamps from the "Gnomies" collection by the Sweet Stamp Shop. I'd had this idea in mind for awhile and here it is. Please click on the picture to see a bigger image as this little snap doesn't let you appreciate the glittery moon and bat. The inside doesn't have a stamped but rather has a grey colored writing space with a toadstool embellie.
And now your next stop on this amazing hop, which will be number 43, is
Lisa Wallace's blog where I am sure you'll be just as dazzled.
I hope you enjoyed your visit and I look forward to your comments.
Happy Hopping and Hasta la vista amigas mias!!!